Five love songs that are really just about sex

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You know what we're talkin' about
Nothing gets to a lady's heart like a little romantic music to go with the enormous rock or bushel of roses you've bought for her. Throw on a little Sinatra or Manilow, light some candles, and you're on the train to Romance City.

But take it from us -- you should avoid these tunes in planning your perfect evening of love, unless you want to tip your hand. They might sound sweet and romantic, but under the surface, these songs are just about glazing the donut, if you know what we mean.

Bryan Adams - Summer of 69

If you've heard Bryan Adams's "Summer of '69," you probably thought it was a sweet, romantic, nostalgic song about young love. Nope. Adams has a very different interpretation:
"I think 'Summer of '69' -- I think it's timeless because it's about making love in the summertime. There is a slight misconception it's about a year, but it's not. '69' has nothing to do about a year, it has to do with a sexual position... At the end of the song the lyric says that it's me and my baby in a 69. You'd have to be pretty thick in the ears if you couldn't get that lyric".

Bee Gees- Love You Inside Out

Yes, maybe this is a nice romantic song about how he will love you forever no matter what. But we know better than that. He might kind of love you from the outside, but it's the inside that really matters. Like your sexy insides. Don't tell us these lyrics aren't proof of it:
"I ain't no vision, I am the man/who loves you inside out/backwards and forwards with/my heart hanging out/I love no other way"
Ick. We'll pass, thanks. Put your "heart" back in your pants and keep searching.

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