Chuck U, Anthem Heart, Rogue Citizen, DWITT to sell work at Gimme Shelter benefit

Rogue Citizen
Gearing up for Saturday's show, we thought we'd let you in on some our arty endeavors as it pertains to Gimme Shelter: A Benefit Concert For Haiti at First Avenue. We've told you about our artist marketplace, where you can buy pieces for affordable prices by talented locals, and 50 percent or more of the proceeds go to one of our two charities: The American Red Cross Haiti Relief & Development Fund or Architecture for Humanity. While our art lineup is subject to more additions, here's a few to get to know now ...

Anthem Heart

Worn to be Wild: Anthem Heart Studio Series from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.

A local brand that has outfitted many a Minneapolis fan in colorful, limited edition T-shirts since 2007, Ken Hannigan a.k.a. DJ Talk Radio's Anthem Heart collective will be in attendance for Gimme Shelter selling their sought-after merch. They'll also be handing out info for their afterparty, "Worn To Be Wild." Special thanks to Dave from Anthem Heart for making our promo vid.

Chuck U

A word from Chuck: "I was just feeling guilty about being too broke to actually donate any money to Haiti when city pages asked me to come down and sell art. It worked out perfectly. That and I get to see a bunch of kickass music, I'm a big fan of both mark mallman and solid gold, and I've been looking forward to seeing Peter Wolf Crier."

Rogue Citizen
Rogue Citizen is a progressive artist collective based in Minneapolis, focused on experimental exhibition concepts and collaborative painting. The artists create aggressive work infused with satire, science fiction, urban and war iconography, influenced variously by street art, German Expressionism, and video games. Recent and ongoing projects include "Public Consumption," a public art/film experiment made possible by FEAST grant funds, "Live Painting with Phantom Tails" at Nomad World Pub, and an upcoming exhibit "Exquisite Robot" at Stevens Square Center for the Arts later this year. 

A word from Rogue: "We are excited for the opportunity to contribute to meaningful Haitian humanitarian efforts in a way individually we cannot, and particularly at a high profile venue with visible sponsors. The group is happy to donate 50% or more of sales to Red Cross or Architecture for Humanity. Given the space, our group will execute a painting on canvas or wood with dimensions up to 5ft. Materials will include acrylic paints and inks, India ink, water and oil based markers, and collage elements adhered with acrylic medium -- no aerosol or oil paints. Alternately, we have a slew of affordably priced, smaller works on canvas, board, paper, aerosol cans, skateboards, etc."

A word from DWITT: "I've been connected to the Twin Cities music community since I began doing posters in 2002, and its really satisfying to be part of that same community when we have a chance to collectively give to another group of people in need."

Garrett Perry 


A word from Garrett: "Being a young emerging artist, I do not have a great deal of extra cash, so donating money to the relief effort is not an option for me. But, what I do have is a lot of artwork that i will sell to help raise money for those suffering in Haiti after last month's earthquake. When I was asked to be apart of this amazing cause i jumped at the opportunity. Being able to participate in an event where the proceeds go to a great cause feels amazing. I am extremely excited to participate and help out in whatever way I can!"

Jesse Draxler


Jesse makes intricate collages and drawings that pack a punch. Come check out his collages at the marketplace - he'll be sharing a table with friend Garrett Perry.

Editor's note: Special thanks to Kate Iverson of L'Etoile for the help!

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