No Bird Sing's Graham O'Brien to release solo project (MP3)

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Graham O'Brien's name might not be immediately recognizable, but as a drummer and producer he's collaborated with a sizable portion of the independent hip-hop scene. O'Brien's had a hand in work by Eyedea, DJ Anatomy and Crescent Moon (Kill the Vultures), Kristoff Krane, Kanser, Carnage, and Junkyard Empire, not to mention his most recent group, No Bird Sing, and now he is releasing his first solo album as a beatmaker and producer.

O'Brien sent over an mp3 off the new album for us to share, which you can download exclusively here:

mp3: Graham O'Brien, "RecycleMaker (feat. Kristoff Krane)"

In addition to Kristoff Krane, that track features The song also features Robert Mulrennan (No Bird Sing) on guitar and Casey O'Brien (FaceCandy, Abzorbr) on bass. Graham's solo album will be self-released this March.

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