Saloon's Amateur Shower Competition champion talks keys to victory

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Let's get patriotic for a second, shall we?

This past weekend, some of our country's finest young men laid it all on the line, competing in an athletic event that combines speed, coordination and finesse all in one. An event that some men spend their whole lives dreaming about winning, but only a select few will accomplish. That's right; I'm talking about the Amateur Shower Contest at Saloon in downtown Minneapolis.

Held each and every Sunday, the contest features men from all over our fine city battling it out in an erotic, aquatic clash unlike any other (go ahead, tell me that description didn't just blow your mind. Thought so). As the resident Erotic Specialist of the Universe, I felt compelled this week to do some digging and find out exactly what it takes to conquer the competition and earn the title, "Amateur Shower Contest Champion." So of course I turned to Facebook.

After a little bit of stalking research, I tracked down last Sunday's winner, Oliver Sharp, who agreed to talk with me about the competition, his experience with amateur showering and tips for other competitors looking to follow in his footsteps.

Wet Spot: So what is the Amateur Shower Competition all about?

Oliver: What they do is set up a shower on one of the stages and people sign up for the competition that night. Then you get up for like 10 to 15 minutes and dance, and it's all judged bases on applause. Finally they narrow it down to a couple of finalists and then pick a winner.

WS: Was this past week your first time competing?

Oliver: No, I've done it a few times but this was the first time I won. It was actually kind of spur of the moment. I was drunk and just decided to go for it, but I was seriously determined to win this time and I did it.

WS: How did you first get started with the Amateur Showering?

Oliver: Well, I've always liked dancing in the shower and I went to Saloon a while back when I first moved here on a night when they were having the competition. The guy I came with actually left, so I ended up getting drunk and just decided to go for it. Plus I'm kind of an exhibitionist so what can I say?

WS: What do you think made the difference this time? What took you over the top?

Oliver: Since I hadn't planned on doing it, I didn't have any underwear on. But I work at a restaurant so I had my apron and I wore that out which I think people liked. But, you know, people want to see nudity so I just took that off as fast as I could and went for it and the crowd responded. It also helped that I knew a lot of people there this time, so they were all really supportive and cheering.

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