The Hold Steady set to release new album

Photo by Stacy Schwartz
Local favorites (and former locals) the Hold Steady have announced their plans for a follow-up record to 2008's Stay Positive: their fifth studio album, Heaven is Whenever, will drop on May 4. According to the Hold Steady's site, the new album is much more guitar-heavy than their previous work, which isn't surprising given the recent departure of keyboard and accordion player Franz Nicolai (who left amicably last month to work on other projects).

Here's a preview of the track listing:

1. The Sweet Part of the City
2. Soft in the Center
3. The Weekenders
4. The Smidge
5. Rock Problems
6. We Can Get Together
7. Hurricane J
8. Barely Breathing
9. Our Whole Lives
10. A Slight Discomfort

The band has also announced the first leg of a spring tour to support the new album, but they don't appear to have any local dates planned at the moment. Check out their official site for more information.

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