Eric Church: Deconstructing a Cribs appearance, and yeast infections

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So Eric Church is comin' to town tonight, playing the State Theatre (8:00, $24.50). If you follow my Gimme Noise ramblings closely, and I know at least a couple of you do, you may recognize him from a column I wrote back in August when he played the Cabooze. In it, I wrote about how his song "Love Your Love the Most" employs some of the bast damned country music clichés that I've heard since, well, since that last song I heard on country radio. And the one before that. And the one before that.

Man, country lyrics are easy as fuck to write if you know how to riff on some good Southern, down-home-cookin' clichés. If you follow Top 40 country music of today, and I know none of you do, you've probably heard the aforementioned song yourself. Maybe you even like it. I do, and ain't ashamed to admit it. But then, not having walked into the hallowed halls of my Catholic church 'cept for a wedding or two since my pre-teens, I don't know shame.

So why should we care about Eric Church? Well, he's one of the countless dude darlings of Top 40 country music today, and his songwriting just goes to town on an impressive number of clichés. This much we know so far. We know he loves sleepin' in on Saturdays, he loves college football games, not acting his age, and good barbecue (per his song, which goes on to detail his love for a good NASCAR race, as well). But in anticipation of show this evening, I want you to know something else.

Eric Church loves his man cave.

What's a man cave? Halt that dirty mind'a yers. A man cave is, per, "A room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interuption (sic). This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interferance (sic) from any female influence)." Usage: "Tom retreated to the Man Cave to play his online rpg game." And, in a less manly description, "An emotional sanctuary for men when they're stressed and need 'space' or time away from females, responsibilities, etc." Usage: "Sam went offline and wouldn't answer calls, retreating to his man cave to think."

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