Felix Da Housecat, the Prince-loving house producer, coming to Epic May 7


A dance music celeb if there ever was one, Felix Da Housecat is gracing the Twin Cities with his presence this spring, and we can't wait for this show. A seminal figure in electronic music after his Kittenz and Thee Glitz studio album set off an electroclash bomb of epic proportions in the early 00s, Felix is a friend of Minneapolis and is hoping to meet Prince while he's in town (Hear that, Prince? He even named the first single off his latest release after you).

See Felix's video for "We All Wanna Be Prince" below, in which he shouts out First Avenue and Uptown, and dresses like his hero. We'd like to give our own shout out to Beecher at Epic for booking some great shows lately. This one is not to be missed.

(But this is what really gets us excited)

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