Prince ordered to pay almost $3 million for ditched Irish gig

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As we previously reported last month, Prince was sued for backing out of a gig in Dublin at the last minute back in June of 2008. Today, a Dublin judge has ordered that Prince owes the Irish concert promoter $2.95 million for damages, and could raise the stakes even higher if Prince continues to ignore the promoter and legal system's requests for action.

From the Pioneer Press:
Kelly ruled that Prince had committed to perform in Dublin's 82,300-seat Croke Park in June 2008, but withdrew without explanation just days beforehand, after 55,000 tickets were sold. The 51-year-old Prince did not testify at last month's hearing.
This isn't the first time Prince's financial troubles have been brought up lately; earlier this week, Carver County reported that Prince owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes on his Paisley Park estate, read more about that story here.

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