Tegan and Sara show their love for the Twin Cities during Current in-studio

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Photo by Stacy Schwartz
We had the opportunity to head over to the Current studios yesterday for the Tegan and Sara in-studio performance, and were more than amused to hear the Canadian twin sisters compare themselves to our Twin Cities here in Minnesota. "We have a soft spot for you guys because you're twins and we're the Twin Cities," host Mark Wheat joked at the beginning of the interview.

"What's the difference between Minneapolis and St. Paul?" Sarah asked. "Like, which one am I?"

"Minneapolis is often thought to be cooler," Wheat said, "but St. Paul is the quiet one, who is a hidden gem, which I would give to you, Sara."

"So, watch out St. Paul," Sara deadpanned.

"Tegan's got the most tattoos, so she would definitely be Minneapolis," Wheat said, laughing.

Photo by Stacy Schwartz
Listen to the entire interview and in-studio performance here, including acoustic performances of "On Directing" and "Alligator" off their newest release, Sainthood, as well as two older songs "19" and "Living Room."

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