Electric Fetus makes list of top record stores in SPIN

Categories: Local Music
Just in time for Record Store Day tomorrow, the Electric Fetus was listed as one of the top 15 independent record stores in the country by SPIN Magazine. The magazine even tapped former City Pages staffer and current contributor Peter Scholtes for a quote about the beloved local establishment:

"I keep coming back to the Fetus because of all the stuff I've discovered there that I never would have heard otherwise. But the most telling thing about them is that they have 12 employees who have been with the store for 25 years or longer. If that doesn't say loyalty and affection, I don't know what does." -- Peter S. Scholtes (writer, City Pages)
For more on how the Electric Fetus and other local shops are celebrating Record Store Day tomorrow, be sure to check out our complete listing of events.

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