POS and guests playing last-minute pre-Coachella show at the Turf Club tonight

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Got a case of the Mondays? Think you're staying at home watching Law & Order reruns? Get ready to change plans. In preparation for Friday's Coachella performance, P.O.S is playing a last-minute early show at the Turf Club tonight. Doors open at 7 p.m., with Toki Wright and Marijuana Deathsquads opening up the show.

Expect Stef and crew to keep it loose, fun, funky, and unpredictable as they take over the Turf for the early part of the evening, all for a Fugazi-approved $5. Don't show up fashionably late, but feel free to stick around, as this will be done in time for Fat Kid Wednesdays in the Clown Lounge at 10:30.

P.O.S posted a few teaser tweets on his Twitter account last night:
me and @plainolebill got building better bombs in the mix to make coachella and soundset extra fresh. Ben ivascu on drums. Get ready.

Some of you know already, but we might try the new set out around mpls and St Paul a few times this week.

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