P.O.S. wraps up three-night run with gig at Nick and Eddie

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Photo by Meredith Westin
Let's get this out of the way: A lot of people got choked up this week watching P.O.S storm three separate venues on three back-to-back nights in preparation for his set at Coachella.

Yes, you read that right. People got misty-eyed at a rap show.

At some point last night, after a few glasses of wine and a couple dozen hugs and an evening spent anticipating, waiting, watching more and more people stream coyly into Nick and Eddie and give each other knowing nods, it hit me: P.O.S is someone people want to root for, and it is incredibly inspiring. As his success grows, as his tours grow longer and his stages get bigger, the love people feel for him in his hometown grows, too. That doesn't happen to everyone, especially in Minnesota; we're protective people, and success does strange things to our relationships with musicians, writers, artists, friends. But the more popular P.O.S gets out there on the road, the louder people cheer him on back home -- and it's that sense of genuine, heart-bursting pride that left more than a few of us with tears in our eyes this week, shaken up from the intensity of three intimate shows.

I mean, really. Just picture it: Here's this happy-go-lucky, sincere, ridiculously talented guy, and he's grinning and laughing and playing a few feet away from some of his biggest hometown fans, and in a few days he's going to be flying out to California to perform as a must-see act at one of the largest music festivals in the country.

Photo by Erik Hess

Photo by Erik Hess
Heart. Bursting.

Photo by Erik Hess
Photo by Meredith Westin

So it was all I could do to wedge myself into the corner of the back booth at Nick and Eddie, pressed up against a PA speaker, and take videos of the dark, blisteringly loud action. The first video is a warmup set with Marijuana Deathsquads, the second is "Optimist," and the third is "Let it Rattle." Did I mention it was dark? Mostly posting for the audio, but you can get a glimpse of how the show was set up when the photographer's flashes go off.

For more on P.O.S's three-night run, see: Meredith Westin's photos of the Turf Club, Triple Rock, and Nick and Eddie shows; Erik Hess's photos from the Turf Club, Triple Rock, and Nick and Eddie; our recap of the Turf Club show by Tigger Lunney, with photos by Adam Bubolz.

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