Romantica, Alarmists, Adam Levy to play Columbia store in Uptown

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When the bulldozers came to knock down the Uptown Bar, no one expected that live music would still have a place on that gentrified stretch of Hennepin Avenue. This week, the newly opened Columbia Sportswear store -- which was built on top of the Uptown Bar's old outdoor patio -- is bringing the music back, and they've convinced a surprising number of prominent local bands to come play in the store.

Sacrilege? Or just a sign of the ever-changing, increasingly commercial music industry? You be the judge.

Here's the full lineup (we're loving Dan Israel's little sideways jab at the store in his billing):

Thursday, April 8:

6-8pm            The Alarmists

Friday, April 9:

10am             DJ "Al James the Unfazed"

5:30-6:30pm  Romantica

Saturday, April 10:

10am           DJ "Al James the Unfazed"

2pm             Adam Levy

3:30pm         Romantica

5pm             Eliza Blue

Sunday, April 11:

11am          DJ "Al James the Unfazed"

2pm            Dan Isreal & The Conformists

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