Twiztid's Monoxide talks Juggalos, movies, and running for president

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Guess what? The Juggalos are coming back.

Once known as the protégés of the Insane Clown Posse, horror-rap duo Twiztid has spent over a decade carving out their place in the underground music scene. This week, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide bring their "Slaughterhouse Tour" through the Twin Cities with a stop at First Avenue on Thurs., April 1. We caught up with one half of Twiztid, Monoxide, over the phone this week where he gave us the lowdown on all things Juggalo.

So how's the tour so far?

Monoxide: Unbelievable. This tour has been even bigger than our last tour, and that one was right after our album came out. It's cool because we're selling out new places that we never did before; getting more Juggalos out than we've ever had.

What are your plans for the summer once this tour is over?

Monoxide: We're going back into the studio to finish our next record. This summer we've got the Gathering of the Juggalos and then we're working on getting the new album out hopefully in September.

Juggalos are getting a lot of ugly press these days with people comparing them to gangs. What do you thinks when you hear that?

Monoxide: Man, we're not a gang. The thing is, Juggalos have been around for years, but nobody in the mainstream was paying attention to us. Now, you get a couple of fucking idiots doing some stupid shit, and suddenly everybody wants to talk about how dangerous Juggalos are. I'm just saying; don't judge an entire group of people because of a couple of idiots' behavior.

You mentioned that you're getting more Juggalos to your shows than ever. Why do you think that is?

Monoxide: Right now, mainstream music is in shambles. Everyone and everything in the mainstream completely sucks and people are looking for something new, something different. Then you've got us, making music that's different than what's going on out there. Our stuff is terrifying! It's mayhem! It's murderous! (laughs) The fan base is growing because our music and the whole idea of being a Juggalo has grown. When ICP first start saying it, Juggalo was just a word. We helped make it a way of life.

A way of life?

Monoxide: Being a Juggalo is about feeling accepted. People want to listen to music and be a part of something where they aren't being judged and they feel like they're free to be themselves. That's all anyone wants.

Do you think your "average" Juggalo fan base has changed at all over the years?

Monoxide: Yeah, definitely. I look out in the crowd now and I see 55-year-old black Juggalos and I see nine-year-old Juggalos with their parents. We were in one town - I'm not going to mention which one - and I was sitting in my dressing room after a show. All of a sudden, I see seven cops coming towards me. Obviously, I start looking to make an exit, thinking I'm about to get arrested or something, but it turns out they were all Juggalos. They just wanted to say what's up and tell me they liked the show. That's the thing about us and Juggalos; we're for everyone. And for some people, we're like a guilty pleasure. We're like bad reality TV.

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