Aguilera, NIN, Ghostface Killah: bondage in music videos [NSFW]

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Holy schnikes

Christina Aguilera's just dropped her newest music video for "Not Myself Tonight," and as you might have heard, it's the skankiest thing she's done since "Dirrty." Except this time, she ditched the schoolgirl skirt and went straight for the pleather and vinyl and the horsebit gags, slithering around in bondage gear. It looked a little familiar, so we gathered up some of the music videos that no doubt inspired the pop star, coincidentally in celebration of Ground Zero's weekly (Saturday) Bondage A-Go-Go, a Minneapolis tradition for years.

Now you've seen the grossness, check out some more bondage-themed music videos:

Ghostface Killah - Stapleton Sex

Anyone can make a video with whips, ball-gags, and electrical-taped nipples. But it takes the lyrical audacity of a Ghostface Killah to make those visuals seem Telletubby-innocuous by comparison. When Mr. Killah says "This ain't no R&B dick, this is hood," he isn't kidding. But don't get it twisted, ladies: Pretty Toney is a sensitive gentleman who respects and understands you. The same year this video dropped, he released "Message From Ghostface" in support of Rihanna and victims of domestic violence everywhere.

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