Dada Trash Collage, Front Porch Sitters featured in this week's City Pages

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Photo by Steve Cohen
Dada Trash Collage
In addition to our extensive feature on Jeremy Messersmith that is featured on the cover of this week's paper, we have a whole gaggle of other great music articles for you to check out today. Pick up a copy of City Pages to peruse the music section in real life, or click on the links below to read our print music content online:

Dada Trash Collage releases Neighbors
By Jeff Gage
We sit down with solo artist William Freed, aka Dada Trash Collage, to talk about working with influential producer Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Arcade Fire) and finding a place in the local scene on his own terms.

Front Porch Sitters aggregate local shows for you
By Andrew Flanagan
Chatting with the mysterious and hard-working crew behind the Front Porch Sitters site, which whittles down local listings to focus on local and inexpensive options and promotes local events like the West Bank Revival.

CD Review: First Communion Afterparty, Skyline, Starlight
By David Hansen

CD Review: Poor Weather Club, Escondido
By Loren Green

5ingles: The Songs We Can't Escape
By Ray Cummings

Critics' Picks
By Gimme Noise staff

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