Gary Louris and friends play intimate show in Wabasha

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Photos by Steve Cohen
On May 22, Gary Louris returned to home to Minnesota from a solo acoustic tour, joined by friends Marc Perlman & Tim O'Reagan (The Jayhawks), Jim Boquist (Son Volt, Paul Westerberg) and vocalist Janey Winterbauer (Astronaut Wife, Janey and Marc) at the Broadway Theater in Wabasha, MN. Steve Cohen was on hand to snap these photos of the performance and record a set list, and Angela Tseng also contributed the final photo in the series.

1. Angelyne (Gary solo)
2. Everybody Knows (solo)
3. Settled Down Like Rain (solo)
4. Need You Tonight (solo)
5. DC Blues (with Jim Boquist)
6. True Blue (with Jim Boquist)
7. Poor Little Fish (w/ Marc, Tim & Jim)
8. Trouble (w/ Marc, Tim, Jim & Janey)
9. Better Days (w/ Marc, Tim, Jim & Janey)
10. Bitter End (w/ Marc Perlman on mandolin)
11. My sleepless nights (solo)
12. All the right reasons (w/ Marc on mandolin)
13. Listen Joe (solo)
14. We'll Get By (w/ Jim Boquist)
15. Save It For a Rainy Day (w/ Marc, Tim, Jim & Janey)
16. Someone Will (w/ Marc, Tim & Jim)
17. Tampa to Tulsa (Tim O'Reagan lead vocal. Gary w/ Marc & Jim)
18. Tailspin (w/ Marc, Tim & Jim)

19. Big City Snow (solo)
20. In The Canyon (solo)

21. Eyes of Sarah Jane (w/ Marc, Tim & Jim)
22. I'd Run Away (w/ Marc, Tim, Jim & Janey)
23. Blue (w/ Marc, Tim, Jim & Janey)

Setlist photo courtesy of Angela Tseng.jpg
Set list photo courtesy Angela Tseng

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