New Music: Christina Aguilera feat. Le Tigre, Peaches - "My Girls" (for real this time)

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Update: Aguilera has canceled her upcoming tour.

The United States Dept. of Ag moves away from boy-disdain to girl-love (who can blame her I guess) with a disappointingly staid and predictable track from Le Tigre, restrained vocals from Aguilera, and some Kobe-bashing flow from Peaches. I said of the previously leaked song (the one totally not produced by Le Tigre):

When the collaboration was announced last year, I don't think I was the only one who was genuinely excited at the prospect of a major pop star getting an integrity makeover by some of the most easily respected women on the planet. Sometimes your plans fall through.

Even though I was talking about a different song: word. The breaks are visible a mile away, the beat doesn't really shake. At least: here's to hoping the collaboration got Hanna, Benning and Samson itchy to make a new record.

Christina Aguilera feat. Le Tigre, Peaches, "My Girls"

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