Andrew Broder's Crook & Flail releases 'Unearthing' mix

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Andrew Broder, who's featured in this week's print edition of City Pages has, along with his partner in Crook and Flail, Adam Drucker, put together a new 45-minute mix highlighting some of the musical influences that inspired the soundtrack they created for the upcoming graphic novel collaboration with Alan Moore, Unearthing, which is being released next month.

While it may not be the perfect beach blanket soundtrack or proper party jams for your girlfriend's upcoming potluck picnic she's planning this weekend, it offers some insight into the world of ambient electronic, avant garde and black metal that inspired the music the two have been working on.

Download it here.

Track listing:

1. Carlo Fashion - Panegyrikus#3
2. Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
3. Mount Eerie - (something)
4. Susumu Yakota - Kodomatachi
5. Keiji Haino - Is This Guidance Itself Some Kind of Trap
6. OD - Untitled
7. Genghis Tron - Dead Mountain Mouth
8. Ron Cessin - Commuter
9. Paul Metzger - Untitled
10. Department of Eagles - Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002
11. Burial - In McDonalds
12. Broadcast - Evil Is Coming
13. Alejandro Jodorowski - Las Flores nancen En El Barro
14. Doseone - untitled&unreleased
15. Andrew broder - Piss Face
16. Fennesz - Aus
17. Alejandro Jodorowski - 300 Connejos
18. imagination...sun ra
19. Tarwater - V-at
20. Loren Connors & David Grubbs - Blossom Time
21. labradford - By Chris Johnston, Craig Markva And Jaime Evans
22. Camberwell Now - Working nights
23. Xasthur - Keeper of sharpened blades
24. Boards of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden
25. Mogwai -Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine mix)
26. Mike Patton -A Lizard With The Skin Of A Woman
27. Viger/Bellonzi - Structures 1
28. Mike Patton - Wuxiapian
29. Crook&Flail - Unearthing EP (instrumental)
30. Pascal Comelade - Chanson
31. Crook&Flail - Unearthing EP (instrumental)
32. Windy & Carl - Set Adrift
33. Hood - In Iron Light

Preview video:

For more information about Unearthing check out the Lex Records website.

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