Control Alt Country Delete at Grumpy's NE tonight

jen markey.jpg
Photo courtesy of CACD's Facebook page
Jennifer Markey, lookin' 'bout State Fair-ed out
If you ask me, this sounds like the best deal in town tonight. You go to Grumpy's NE between 6-8PM. You bring your own vinyl to spin, presumably country would be best, and you get a free drink. You also get treated to traditional country standards from Control Alt Country Delete, featuring Baby Grant Johnson, Keely Lane, Greg McAloon, and Jennifer Markey, alums of bands including the Bitter Spills, Ol' Yeller and, well, Jennifer Markey of Jennifer Markey and the this that and the others.

It is free. Free. And you get a free drink if you're not one of those strange folk who "don't own a record player" and thus have no vinyl (yes, those folk do exist). And you get to hear country standards. And it is early enough that you can run off to other events later on in the night. And it is free.

And I won't be there. I work late. This is unfortunate.

Put in this request for me.

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