First Avenue repainting stars, asking for input from fans

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Photo by Ben Clark
First Avenue is in the midst of a few different renovations this summer, with their new restaurant, the Depot, slated to open next week, a new women's bathroom in the Entry (!), and the exterior wall getting a bit of a facelift. We received a few panicked emails over the weekend asking if the famed stars on First Ave's exterior were going away for good, but we've received assurance from marketing and promotions director Machen Davis that the stars will be back soon -- with new additions.

"We are indeed repainting," Machen says. "Haven't selected the new bands just yet, but compiling a poll on our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts."

We were curious whether the repainting would coincide with the opening of the Depot, perhaps giving them the space to continue the stars further down the block, but Machen says that they aren't planning on having the stars continue onto the Depot's walls as of right now.

Photo by Ben Clark

With the addition of the new stars, "I believe some of the stars are going to fade out," Machen says.

To voice your opinion about who should receive the new stars, head over to First Ave's site and leave a comment on the Who deserves a First Ave star? thread.

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