Gastro Non Grata at First Avenue, 6/27/10

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Photos by Nikki Miller
Gastro Non Grata
June 27, 2010
First Avenue

Last night in the First Avenue Mainroom, 7th Street Entry and Record Room, Gastro Non Grata pulled off a pretty freakin' incredible feat: assemble three rooms full of hungry music fans and present to them nine bands, three DJs, four chefs and somethin' like six restaurant and beer sponsors, and wrap the whole show up on a Sunday night early enough to ensure the approximately dozen underage performers playing the final set of the evening are home before curfew.


Photo by Nikki Miller

It was a genius setup, with musical sets overlapping one another from Mainroom to Entry to Record Room, guaranteeing neither a dull nor quiet moment. And as if that wasn't enough to occupy your adult-onset ADHD, sponsoring chefs and restaurants were cooking up everything from oysters and cupcakes to hot dogs and duck liver pâté bánh mì for hungry souls seeking temporary respite from the music.

Photo by Nikki Miller

Kicking off the show at 6PM sharp was Minneapolis's newest supergroup-style assemblage of folks who've played in every band ever: Pink Mink. The foursome, which has only played a handful of shows, seemed to already have a loyal following of handclappers watching in the front row -- in this case a gaggle of young men pressed against the front of the stage, watching in the kind of awestruck way only a young male fan watching a band fronted by two women who (typical talk of the ladies being lovely and all that aside) can own a stage and shred a guitar can. Watching Christy Hunt (of Ouija Radio, Von Bondies fame) and Arzu Gocken (of Selby Tigers, Strut and Shock fame), these boys were positively dazzled. That is of course saying nothing of the rhythm section, one of the most solid in town (Charles Gehr of Ouija Radio/Seawhores and Jacques Wait, producer/engineer/played with a wholelottabands extraordinaire). But when you're an awestruck young man, the male rhythm section is perhaps less important.

Photo by Nikki Miller

From there, we hopped on over to the Entry to check out the Guystorm. I've seen these guys one hundred and one times and last night they were sounding tighter than ever, perhaps because it was Sunday night and so early that Andy Rooney was likely still hemming and hawing about pencils or umbrellas with fifteen minutes left to go of 60 Minutes, and so the band just wasn't drunk yet. But what I was noticing last night was purely aesthetic: singer Angelo Pennacchio and guitarist Ryan Norton were dressed as if they were anglin' for spots in Jefferson Airplane about the time before Grace Slick went nuts and the band went Starship.

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