Rockers for Knockers reunites St. Paul faves at Turf

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Photo by Nikki Miller
Last night at the Turf the Bust Buddies, a group of close girlfriends from St. Paul, pulled together an impressive lineup to raise money for the Susan G. Komen 60 mile, 3-Day Walk for the Cure. With live room sets by Sean Na Na, Martin Devaney Band, Puppies and Trains, and Company Inc., as well as Clown Lounge DJ sets by Solid Gold, James Diers, Tom Loftus, and Free Energy, who later took to the stage with Sean Tillman, the ladies treated the Turf not only to an eclectic mix of musical acts (some of which are seen far to rarely 'round these parts), but also turned the pool table merch table into an awareness-raising booth of sorts, distributing information on the Walk for the Cure and selling buttons and posters. There was just one problem.

Photo by Nikki Miller

That problem? I'm a dope and missed all of Company Inc. and most of Puppies and Trains, the show starting uncharacteristically early for the Turf yet going strong 'til close. May I be excused if I say I was late to the breast cancer benefit because I got myself caught up talking to a friend about her own reproductive issues?

Photo by Nikki Miller
Puppies and Trains and Bust Buddies inspire a singalong

I hanged my head low nonetheless when I walked in to catch the last two songs of Puppies and Trains, featuring Superhopper alums Kermit Carter and Math P. (former bandmate Nick Shuminsky now playing with Free Energy, the band in town to open for Mates of State and joining in the fun at the Turf spinning tunes in the Clown Lounge as well as an unannounced short set on stage). Puppies and Trains closed their set by bringing one of the Bust Buddies onstage to talk about the Walk, Carter then leading the bar in an inspirational singalong to a song he introduced as having been originally performed by one of our favorite breast cancer survivors.

Singalong? Did Joan Baez have breast cancer?

Naw, he was talkin' Kylie Minogue, the bar singing the la la las while Carter conquered the rest of her hit song in a spot-on Kylie impression.

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