The Jayhawks: Here today, gone tomorrow

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Photos by Steve Cohen
We'll have a full recap of all three Jayhawks shows at First Avenue tomorrow, but for the time being: If you aren't already planning on going tonight, GO TONIGHT. Last night's performance veered toward transcendence several times, as the band played a lengthy regular set in addition to a five-song encore, ranging all the way back to the "Bunkhouse" album (their self-titled debut, which was just reissued) and even including a song from the post-Olson period the Jayhawks' discography, "Tampa to Tulsa" from Rainy Day Music sung by Tim O'Reagan. Other highlights included "Two Hearts," "Wichita," and of course, "Blue."

Photos by Steve Cohen
To get ready for tonight's show, here's a video of Karen Grotberg singing "Last Cigarette" during Saturday night's encore:

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