The Jayhawks prepare for big weekend at First Avenue

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Photo by Steve Cohen
The Jayhawks, rehearsing at Gary Louris's home yesterday

It's an historic weekend for the Jayhawks, who are preparing to play four Twin Cities shows in a row with a lineup that has only played in the United States once in the last 15 years. On the heels of last summer's extraordinary reunion set at the Basilica Block Party, Jayhawks co-founders Mark Olson and Gary Louris are getting the band back together for a private in-store at the Electric Fetus tonight and three Mainroom shows at First Avenue Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Louris started rehearsing with the band -- bassist Marc Perlman, drummer Tim O'Reagan, and keyboardist Karen Grotberg -- on Tuesday of this week, and Olson flew in from Europe  yesterday morning to join his bandmates. "Louris picked him up at the airport, and within an hour what Louris calls 'the Tomorrow the Green Grass lineup' was practicing in his living room," says Louris's assistant Christine Wintour. "[They were] playing songs that haven't been played live in over 15 years, and listening to the Twins game on the radio in between songs."

Photo by Steve Cohen
Photo by Steve Cohen
"Late in the afternoon, with the storm coming in and the wind blowing, they opened all the windows and afterwards two of Gary's next door neighbors knocked on his door and told him and Olson (who is staying with Gary) that by five o'clock a crowd of people had gathered outside the house, leaning up against their bikes, sitting on the front steps and along the curb to listen."

The Jayhawks play Saturday night with KaiserCartel (sold out), Sunday night with StrangeLights, and Monday night with Romantica in the First Avenue Mainroom. 18+. $25.


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