Beatles photos see the light of day after decades

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What is with people holding on to Beatles ephemera for decades? If interest hasn't waned by now it never will - there's no good reason for it to considering that they're The Fucking Beatles - and so we can safely assume that the entire world is probably interested and you should just put that shit up for auction already jeez.

And 'lo: Rolling Stone came out today with a set of ten photos that were in a guy named Steve Gunther's posession for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Seriously, bro? Gunther recently, finally, picked himself up by his bootstraps, cinched his shoelace belt around his ill-fitting slacks, tucked in that a-shirt and went through the arduous task of DEVELOPING A ROLL OF FILM THAT COULD POSSIBLY CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER OR AT LEAST MAKE US HAPPY FOR ONCE IN OUR GODDAMN LIVES. Jeez, guy. Thanks, I guess!

You can view the images at

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