Charlie Parr takes us down to the river for City of Music

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For our next City of Music video, our trusty film crew went down to the Mississippi River's edge with Charlie Parr for what proved to be a challenging outdoor taping. "It was a beautiful day on the Mississippi river near the Stone Arch Bridge," says director Dan Huiting. "You couldn't have asked for a better day to shoot... except for the planes. We'd be two minutes into shooting a take and brrrrrrRRR! Cut! Another airplane ruining the audio. So we just sat and waited. Finally, our 10-minute window arrived, and we got the take.

"Charlie was a really good sport about all the starting and stopping," Dan says. "While I was pulling my hair out, he didn't seem bothered a bit. That's a true professional."

Here's a selection of behind-the-scenes shots from their Charlie Parr shoot; the first photo is by Andre Durand, and middle set was taken by Chad Calease, and the final three shots are stills from the upcoming City of Music video, which will debut on Gimme Noise this coming Monday.

andre 1 -1.jpg
IMG_7778 -1.jpg

charlie video still 1.jpg
charlie video still 2.jpg
charlie video still 3.jpg

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