Behind the scenes with the Jayhawks in Minneapolis

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Photos by Steve Cohen
The Jayhawks blew us away when they played their three-night stand at First Avenue earlier this month, but their performances in the Twin Cities weren't limited to the Mainroom; the band also rehearsed together for the few days leading up to their shows, performed an in-studio at the Current, and spent some time hanging out with the folks at TPT's MN Original. Steve Cohen was invited along for the ride, and took an amazing series of photographs that capture the energy and spirit of the Jayhawks' reunion weekend in Minneapolis.

After spending a day rehearsing at Gary Louris's house in Minneapolis, the band headed to St. Paul to play in the Current's studio. You can stream their session here:

After the Current session, the band went to First Ave and took over the 7th St. Entry. The band was "using the Entry as a rehearsal room," Cohen says. "Mark [Olson] was singing into the mic without a guitar during a rehearsal of 'Baltimore Sun' from Blue Earth. He was sort of doing it sort-of crooner-style. He ended up doing neither the crooner thing or 'Baltimore Sun' during the shows. They also managed to not do 'Crowded In The Wings' during any of their shows either -- I heard it rehearsed, and it sounded good. 'Souix City,' too. Rehearsed, set listed, and not played."

Cohen snapped this shot en route from Louris's house to a soundcheck at First Ave -- one of our favorite shots from the set. He pulled up next to the band as they were driving down Dunnwoody Blvd. and took a quick shot from beside the car.

Once at First Avenue, the band spent some time preparing backstage, and it's clear from Steve's photos that they were having a great time being reunited. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they come back for another show in the Cities soon. Thanks to Steve for sharing these great moments from the band's five-night reunion run in the Twin Cities.


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