Nomad World Pub's World Cup Block Party this Sunday

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Whether you've watched every game half-drunk in the early morning screaming along with some American chav analogues, or you can't wait for people to stop talking about it, the Nomad's World Cup Finals Block Party gives both sides of the fence a fitting conclusion to the month-long competition.

Mark Wheat will be hosting the Jumbotron-equipped block party (go Manchester United! Right? Oh never mind), taking place this Sunday starting at 11 a.m. There will be (good) prizes, and after the final game match, New Century Masters, White Light Riot, and Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats will be playing this quadrennial Cup into the sunset. The full schedule:

10:00 Open
10:45 Batucada du Norte
11:45 Brazilian and/or Dutch Dancers
12:30 St. Villain
1:30 Finals Match
3:45 New Century Masters
5:00 Prizes!
5:30 White Light Riot
6:45 Cadillac Kholstad and the Flats

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