Regolith Vol. 1 release show at the Turf, 7/15/10

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Moon Glyph 1.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Velvet Davenport, Vampire Hands, Magic Castles and Camden
July 15, 2010
Turf Club

Thursday night, as Thursday nights oft do, brought a bevy of good shows to the Twin Cities, and not the least of them was the show at the Turf Club in support of local label Moon Glyph's first ever vinyl release, Regolith Vol. 1. The white album (not talkin' the Beatles here - we're talkin' hooray for colored vinyl) features a who's who of every band you ought not ignore in these two towns: Leisure Birds, Magic Castles, Dante & the Lobster, Velvet Davenport, Camden, Vampire Hands, Daughters of the Sun, the Blind Shake, Skoal Kodiak and Moonstone. We headed down to the Turf Thursday night to take a gander at the scene.

We arrived just in time to see opening act Camden (solo project of Cole Weiland, Daughters of the Sun) tearing down his various synth doo-dads. Dagnabbit. But Cole did make us a rad tempeh burrito last night - we may not be able to say how his set was tonight, but we do know his tempeh burritos are indeed rad.

Moon Glyph 2.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Cole of Camden and Daughters of the Sun

What's a fun show without a little tragedy? What was Thursday night's tragedy? We're speaking in hyperbole, of course, but are real sad that the night brought what was allegedly the last performance of Magic Castles. It's too bad - their pop psych groove grows on you more and more with every listen. They're the kind of band you never think you could possibly like more than you already do, then bam! They get even better.

Moon Glyph 3.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Magic Castles

Rounding out the night were comp highlights Vampire Hands and Velvet Davenport. Velvet Davenport is playing tonight as a two-piece. Why is that? Is it because their bandmates are in every other damned band in town? Is it because they're choosing to play as a two-piece? Don't know the story on that, but their 60s-ish pop jangly goodness sounded great nonetheless.

Moon Glyph 4.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Vampire Hands

Moon Glyph 5.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Velvet Davenport

You can pick up the already-acclaimed Regolith comp at all the usual places, or on Moon Glyph's website.

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Photo by Nikki Miller

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Photo by Nikki Miller

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Photo by Nikki Miller

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Photo by Nikki Miller

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