Dynamiters and Double Bird release split 7"

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Photo by Dan Corrigan
Both songs on this split between the Dynamiters and Double Bird may have some exotic elements to their titles, but the music is strictly down-to-earth rock. From the homemade cover art to the basic layout of band/song title only, the record screams that the music is here to speak for itself. While both bands are relatively new, they are comprised of scene veterans.

The Dynamiters (ex-Selby Tigers, Die Electric!) take the A-side with "Gimme Back My Scimitar," a punk'n'roll number built around a warped blues riff and attitude-laden vocals. The big hook is reminiscent of Burning Sensations' "Pablo Picasso" and gives off a gritty, somewhat sleazy energy. While it's guitar-first music, the rhythm section of Dave Gardner and Jeff Brown keep it moving through the more repetitive parts.

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Photo by Greg Schaal
Double Bird is on side B. The band, featuring three-quarters of the defunct Signal to Trust, take a much more aggressive approach in their new band. "Pterodactyl" grabs from the getgo, with coarse co-vocal singing and a punk approach of short, fast, and so catchy you can sing along on your first listen. It's a tried and tested formula, but it works wonders. It's high energy rock intended to put aside another miserable workweek and blow off some steam.

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