Gayngs release a live track & more tour details

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Well that took long enough. It seems like most have stopped sipping the haterade and are ready to accept that Gayngs' Relayted is beyond reproach (as usual, the Brits were there first). The converts are just in time, if poorly located. Gayngs will be hitting the road with the mesmeric herky-jerk one-lady orchestra called Glasser this fall, going up and down America and spreading the whispered gospel. And they've released a live song, too. Bully for us!

Listen to the track below, and the dates you probably won't be attending. Nuts!

Gayngs - 2010 Tour Dates (Glasser opens all shows)
09/29/10 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall
09/30/10 Chicago, IL - Metro
10/02/10 Boston, MA - Paradise
10/03/10 New York, NY - Webster Hall
10/04/10 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/05/10 Washington, DC - Black Cat
10/07/10 Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
10/10/10 Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival

Gayngs, "The Gaudy Side of Town" (live at The Last Prom on Earth)

Download here

Also, here is a song of Glasser's that I've been loving for a year nonstop. Uh-mazin'.

Glasser, "Apply"

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