The Heligoats stop by Galactic Pizza for an intimate video shoot

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For next week's City of Music video, our crew caught up with touring band the Heligoats and filmed an intimate performance at Galactic Pizza in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood (our "Best Pizza" winner in this year's Best of the Twin Cities issue).

Producer Dan Huiting tells us how it went down: "We set up two 1,000 watt lights in the restaurant for the shoot, but one kept tripping the breaker," he says. "Every time the breaker would trip, Galactic's computers would go down, much to the chagrin of the employees (who were trying to ring up customers). Eventually we just went with the one light, and it ended up looking cooler."

Sneak a peek at next week's video with these behind-the-scenes shots, taken by Dan Huiting, Nick Junkersfeld, and Chris Hadland.

heligoats chris still 1.jpg
heligoats dan still 1.jpg
heligoats dan still 2.jpg
heligoats still 2.jpg
heligoats video still 3.jpg
heliogoats video still 1.jpg

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