The best Lady Gaga outfits for...

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Ms. Germanotta is known as much for her fashion sense as her music, which is fair because they both probably take the same amount of time to put together. She's fierce. Sure.

We present to you a list of her best outfits for just doin' stuff...


photo vita Modamee

Sometimes it helps when fixing things to imagine yourself as the problem you need solved. Gaga obviously has a plugged up shitter, so to wrap The Head around the pipes she's wrapped the pipes around herself. B'ingenious.

Makin' Steaks
photo via The Frisky

After listening to a favorite Darkthrone record Gaga was all "I want a dang steak." Then she cooked it with her boobies and cut it with her 'tude just before getting arrested and sexually assaulted by a horny fat Santogold that's on her payroll.

Bangin' Miss Piggy

Obviously this is a joke, since Gaga is celibate because people will steal her creativity via their sex makings. Miss Piggy dodged a bullet here, because that would've been scary and permanently damaging. She's got the whole world in her hand, and Miss Piggy's barely attentioned twat.

Bein' An Art Deco Lamp
photo via Show Biz Spy

Also would accept "Bein' Comfy." But she does look like a lamp.

Playin' World of Warcraft
photo via MTV

Probably an Undead Warlock doing stuff to Hyrule that Chrono would pussy out of. Pew pew!

Bubble Fightin'
photo via New York Times

Tee hee! Grrgle grrgle grrgle! Ahhh! *POP*

Sneakin' Around

Ba-genius. Between supporting the Tigers and the "give me a dollar to sign my coat" coat no one would ever think "is that Lady Gaga?" they'd just think "perfect for Bum Fights" and "she goes right through and I get a security screening? Not profiling is bullshit." Or maybe think "wow that is a $2,000 piece of b'genius." She likely crafted it over a night of Yellow Tail and Clue.

Subvertin' the Paparazzi Paradigm

Gaga! Gaga! Look this way! Wait, huh? Why am I holding this camera? Did my paradigm just get subverted or what!

Chillin' Like a Villain
photo via Holy Moly
Gaga dressed up as a guido for Japanese Vogue, and it really suits her. Get it? Suits? Whatever.

Have your own? Think these are shitty? Prove it below!

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