Tommy Stinson helps raise money for schools in Haiti

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Pop Candy, the culture blog of USA Today, earlier posted some pictures of former Replacement turned Guns 'N Roses replacement Tommy Stinson taking a tour of a school for youngsters in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

From Pop Candy's description it sounds a bit like sweatshop college:

The three Timkatec schools educate students in mechanics, electricity, sewing and other forms of skilled labor...

Obviously we jest. Any and all help directed towards the impoverished victims of the earthquake is a step in the right direction. Here is the website for Mr. Stinson's favorite.

However...we're remiss to point out that the comments section yielded some hilariously accurate jabs in extremely poor taste, as befits and/or becomes the internet:

It's sad to see Tommy's hair didn't survive the hurricane.....

Is it me or does he look like a zombie? Or one of the cast of True Blood?

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