Top 10 sister acts of all time

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If you're like us, you probably had no idea that this past Sunday was Sister Day, a new holiday entirely fabricated by the Hallmark greeting card corporation. Even Hallmark's own website can't keep it straight, with some pages insisting the "holiday" fell on last Sunday and others saying it will take place this coming Saturday, which may or may not also be "Friendship Day."

Ah, fuck it. Let's celebrate! Here's a list of the top 10 most notable sister acts of all time.


10. The Shaggs
Hey, we didn't say this was a list of the most talented, did we? The Shaggs were a lesson for us all. Money can by fame, sort of. Innocent little sisters Dorothy, Betty, and Helen Wiggin were forced into the recording studio by their father in the late '60s, after their grandmother claimed she foresaw the girls' fame during a palm reading. Since the girls didn't know how to play their instruments, the results were predictably terrible. However, their album was later unearthed by audiophiles and hailed, as audiophiles are wont to do, as a raw and avant garde cult classic, pressing them into the cultural landscape during a rediscovery period in the 1980s.

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9. The Pointer Sisters
Though they started as a quartet with their sister Bonnie, the Pointer Sisters spent their time in the limelight as a trio with Anita, June, and Ruth Pointer singing R&B harmonies. Their most recognizable single is easily "I'm So Excited," which has been played into oblivion in every possible commercial and movie montage, the Pointer Sisters actually charted fairly consistently from the mid '70s until the late '80s. Ruth, Anita, and Bonnie just reunited last year for a few performances, and fans have begun campaigning BET to recognize the group with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at next year's awards ceremony.

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8. The Bangles
A collaboration between Susanna Hoffs and sisters Debbi and Vicki Peterson, the Bangles quickly rose to fame in the early '80s with their punkish take on the jangly "girl group" pop of the '60s. The band even attracted the attention of early '80s pop icon Prince, who penned "Manic Monday" for the group and sent them to the top of the charts. The band peaked in the mid '80s but has reformed recently for a series of reunion dates, and band members have reported that they are almost finished with a new studio album.

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7. School of Seven Bells
The newest group on our list, School of Seven Bells is a collaboration between identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza and Benjamin Curtis of the band Secret Machines. Since forming in 2007 the trio has already achieved modest success, touring with the likes of Blonde Redhead and Bat for Lashes and winning crowds over with their crystalline harmonies and ambient electro-pop.

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6. Heart
Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are still going strong today (they just stopped in the Twin Cities earlier this month to play Lilith Fair), over 30 years into their successful career. They even smacked down Sarah Palin in recent history when the politician tried to use their hit "Barracuda" (without permission, of course) in her campaign for vice presidency, saying they felt "completely fucked over."

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