Lazerbeak prepares to release solo debut

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Photo by Allison Allen
In case you haven't picked up a print edition of City Pages this week, we'd like to direct your attention to this interview with Doomtree producer and former Plastic Constellation Lazerbeak, a.k.a. Aaron Mader, who is releasing his solo debut next weekend at the Fine Line.

"The dazzlingly ambitious Legend Recognize Legend is a formidable fusion of giddy synthetic Euro-pop, confessional ambient balladry, and the occasional block-rockin' beat," writes reviewer Rob van Alstyne, who remarks that the record finds sweet middle ground between Mader's former life in a rock 'n' roll band and his experiences crafting beats for P.O.S, Dessa, and the rest of Doomtree.

Watch Lazerbeak's new music video for "Land's End" here:

LAZERBEAK (WITH HIS ENSEMBLE OF LEGENDZ) play a CD-release party with the Plastic Constellations and DJ Paper Tiger on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, at the FINE LINE MUSIC CAFE; 612.338.8100.

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