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Best known for his work producing dance beats and performing in electro duo Lookbook, Grant Cutler has also been quietly honing his skills as a songwriter and lyricist in his solo project, Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords. After playing around town for the past year, Cutler is getting ready to release his first self-titled EP on October 19 with a digital download and limited run of 100 discs.

If this first track is any indication, Cutler's EP could be an underdog contestant for one of the most beautiful releases of the year. "Our Love is a Mighty Fortress" starts out with the dark, delicate sadness of a Leonard Cohen ballad, then builds into a grandiose, choral cacophony. It's lush, chilling stuff, and it's a vivid testament to Cutler's developing talents.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Download the song here:

mp3: Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords, "Our Love is a Mighty Fortress"

Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords play next Monday, September 13 at the 7th St. Entry with Marijuana Deathsquads, Slapping Purses, and surprise special guests.


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