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Like the Bible, followers of Kiss have their favorite characters they like to emulate as much as favorite chapters, verses and words of inspiration to live by that they've spent a lifetime studying, reciting and debating. Even a casual fan of the band may find themselves in situations where they might wonder "What would Vinnie Vincent do?" for one of life's answers.

We asked Tommy Thayer of Kiss and a handful of other well known Twin Cities Kiss fanatics which characters and parts of the band's legacy have stayed with them and the early impressions of when they found the group.

We'd love to hear what your first encounters and favorites with the Hottest Band in the World are in the comments and look forward to the inevitable debates.

Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist for Kiss

Mark Bringardner, Rock Twin #1(below, left)
Fave Kiss Character: Ace Frehley
Fave Album: "Alive II"
First Kiss show:  9/24/79 Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, WI
Favorite lyric: "She said she didn't want to do it but she did anyway."(from "Nothin' to Lose")

Paul Bringardner, Rock Twin #2
Fave Kiss Character: Ace Frehley
Fave Album: "Kiss"
First Kiss show: 9/24/79 Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, WI
Favorite lyric: "I'm the king of the night time world and you're my headlight queen." (from "King of the Night time World")

Kyle Hanson, owner of record and hobby store Discland in Bloomington, MN
Fave Kiss Character: Gene Simmons
Fave Kiss Album: "Alive II"
First Kiss Show: Met Center 9/28/79, 10 years old
Fave lyric: "Get Up and Get Your Gramma out of Here!"(from "Strutter")

Arzu Gocken, Staraoke and singer and guitarist for Pink Mink
Fave Kiss Character: Ace Frehley
Fave Kiss Album: "Lovegun"
First Kiss Show: Xcel Energy Center 11/07/09
Fave lyric: "Girl I can make you feel O.K.!" (from "Lovegun")

Jon Hunt, guitarist in Blue Sky Blackout
Fave Kiss Character: Space Ace, baby. Ace's solo album was the one all the kids in the 'hood wanted, 'cause of "New York Groove."
Fave Album: "Unmasked." It's their secret power pop album -- it sounds like the Raspberries with pointed teeth and glitter. Also, I'm probably the only old-skool Kiss fan you know that totally rates "Sonic Boom." I thought it was terrific.
First Kiss Show: Believe it or not, it was last November. My folks wouldn't let me go in the '70s, and I missed the reunion shows due to lack of funds. It was my daughter's first too. My wife's third.
Fave Lyric: "Rags, a sailor's only daughter, a child of the water, too proud to be a queen."(from "Hard Luck Woman") Why the hell is he calling his girlfriend "Rags?" Same reason the guy from the McCoys thought it would be okay to call his girlfriend "Sloopy", I guess.

Jason Shapiro, Software Architect / Instructor.
Favorite Kiss Character: Catman
Favorite Album: "Unmasked"
First Kiss Concert: February 12, 1984 - "KISS: Lick It Up Tour" w/Heaven & Vandenburg @ Met Center, MN
Favorite Kiss lyric: "She's a dancer, a romancer, I'm a Capricorn and she's a Cancer." (from "C'mon & Love Me")

Brian Vanderwerf, singer and guitarist for Chooglin'
Fave Kiss Character: Ace Frehley
Fave Album: "Kiss"
First Kiss show: "Still haven't seen them!"
Favorite lyric: "I'm a man.  I'm no baby...and you're looking every inch a lady.
You're good looking and you're looking like you should be good."(also from "C'mon & Love Me")

For more on KISS, read our full interview with Tommy Thayer and the Twin Cities "Rock Twins" from this week's City Pages, and check out KISS live this Saturday, September 4 at the State Fair Grandstand.

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