Marijuana Deathsquads, many more to play a birthday show with teeth next week

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If you're familiar with P.O.S's song "Optimist" you'll remember a shoutout to a woman who taught the rapper "the thing with the cups." She's the one over there in between Nas and Ludacris, looking very judgy. Well that lady can also put together a pretty amazing birthday celebration too.

While Marijuana Death Squads (fresh from an amazing set at Loring Park last week and a jaunt in Los Angeles) are the only band listed on the poster, we feel 100% confident that your $5 will be well spent. Just trust us, ok?

Happy Birthday Allegra
7th Street Entry , September 13
8:00 doors, 18+ $5.00
Live art performances
Marijuana Deathsquads, Slapping Purses, and lots of Special Guests

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