Roma di Luna take us backstage at the Cedar

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For next week's City of Music video, producer Dan Huiting and his film crew went backstage at the Cedar Cultural Center with Roma di Luna for a unique performance. "We originally planned to shoot at the MPLS Farmers Market, but the wind was too strong to record outdoors," Dan explains, "so we moved to the Cedar Cultural Center at the last minute. I figured we'd shoot on the big stage, but MPLS.TV producer Ryan Warner found a cooler spot. The Cedar's green room, with its nostalgic posters and intimate ambiance, was definitely the ticket."

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos of the Roma di Luna shoot by Dajana Bartulovic and four screenshots from the forthcoming video, and come back Monday morning for our latest installment of City of Music.

Roma still 1.jpg
roma still 2.jpg
Roma still 3.jpg
Roma still 4.jpg

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