Stanley's Northeast Bar Room grand opening with Gospel Gossip and His Mischief, 10/15/10

Photos by Nikki Miller
His Mischief at Stanley's
Stanley's Northeast Bar Room's first show featuring Gospel Gossip, His Mischief
October 15, 2010
Stanley's, Minneapolis

Autobiographical sketch of the writer, 2008: drinks too much, exhibits poor decision-making skills, needs to grow up.

Stasiu's Place, 2008: I won't belabor the point other than to say that maybe this bar needed to grow up a little, too.

There was a good reason I felt such an affinity for Stasiu's Place before it closed late summer 2009. And now? New owners, in collaboration with Stasiu's promoter Christy Hunt, have been revamping the corner of University and Lowry in preparation for the opening of Stanley's Northeast Bar Room, knocking out walls and putting in windows, moving the stage, enclosing a patio, and overall classing up the former site of Stasiu's. We visited Stanley's for its first show on Friday night, headlined by Gospel Gossip and His Mischief. The verdict?

Autobiographical sketch of the writer, 2010: following doctor's orders to reduce alcohol intake by 50% and increase fresh vegetable intake by 100%, maintains gym membership, contributing bi-weekly to 403(b).

Stanley's Northeast Bar Room, 2010: a menu decidedly more upscale than that offered by Stasiu's (featuring everything from spiced cashews and crispy sausage-stuffed olives to steak frites and Grain Belt-battered walleye), a selection of beers on tap spanning the length of the bar, and an overall more responsible, take a cab home and don't punch anyone on the way out vibe from the clientele.

The bar/venue, on its first night with live music, showed it has a few kinks to work out: drinks were served up slowly (noting, of course, that the place was packed), and the patio door, located right next to the small stage, might make for a real cool breeze come January. But it's great to have a rock venue up and running again in that neck of the woods, and Gospel Gossip/His Mischief were an energetic start to Stanley's future in the local music community.

Here's a peek at what the space looks like. Bottom line: aside from the crazy urinals and old sign advertising "Stasiu's Hall Rental," it seems Stasiu's has left behind few ghosts.


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