Jeremy Messersmith and Adam Levy to perform for the President this Saturday

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Photo by Nick Vlcek
Talk about the ultimate phone call. Yesterday, local singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith answered a phone call by St. Paul arts director Joe Spencer and was told that he would be opening for the President. Of the United States. Yep, that one.

Obama is scheduled to appear at a rally for Mark Dayton this Saturday afternoon, October 23, on the University of Minnesota's Northrop Mall, and Messersmith and the Honeydogs' Adam Levy will perform as opening acts.

"I might be playing a small set, or maybe a song or two in between speeches," Messesmith says. "I'll be playing with a 3 piece band of Andy Thompson, Brian Tighe and myself."

With only a few days to prepare, he says he's already planning out a set list to have at his disposal. "I think the set list will be anything happy and upbeat I've ever written, plus a few Beatles covers everyone knows," he says.

Messersmith shared the news on both his Facebook page and Twitter account this morning; we loved this mind-blowing tweet:


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