Mark Mallman Marathon 3 live blog, day 3

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Photo by Erik Hess
Mark Mallman passed the halfway point of his Marathon 3 performance at 7 a.m. this morning, and isn't due to wrap up until 10 p.m. tomorrow night. We jogged alongside Mallman yesterday from 10 a.m. until about 3:30 a.m., and you can read our recap and see some incredible photos that span that entire time period by Erik Hess in our Day 2 live-blog.

We're back at it today, and will be providing reports of the Marathon as it winds through its third of four days at the Turf Club.



12:14 p.m. Tuned in to the live stream just in time to hear Mallman tell drummer Craig Grossman that he has his fingers taped up and that his voice has gotten lower since yesterday. "I went through a transformation last night," he says.

Once again I am plagued with sleep guilt, and am going to scan Twitter to see what we missed in the 8 hours since I left the Turf.

12:27 p.m. A few choice updates from Twitter:

chrisstrouth: slept for five hours, have no voice, but thats the glory of marathon. we are all transformed. back in at 1 #mmm3

PoisonArrowPR: Mark Mallman is weaving dreamy sounds this Saturday morning, as he enters hour 42 in his marathon of music.

sunspotwendy (Wendy Lynn Staats): Just went for a quick stroll outside with Mallman. Fresh air & sunshine can be remarkably revitalizing! #MMM3

HarMarSuperstar: Watching @markmallman get massaged while simulating a space mission. Starting to get really crazy. Hour 36 is coming. Crazy. #mmm3

12:32 p.m. Today is officially Mark Mallman Day in St. Paul! The mayor will be declaring it later today at the marathon.

12:42 p.m. Mallman is riffing on "You're Never Alone in New York," but replacing the lyrics with "Do you like it, do you like it, my wedding band... mm.... marathon."

12:51 p.m. It looked like Mallman was hanging on by a thread when I first tuned in, yawning and rubbing his eyes, but the band seems to be energizing him now. Can't say he's making a ton of sense right now, however. "That's good advice for everyone here: Remember you have a wife... If you do have a wife."

Photos by Erik Hess
Phil Redmon and Mallman

Photo by Erik Hess
Craig Grossman

Photo by Erik Hess
Nicole Godiva (of Waxx Maxx) with Mallman

12:58 p.m. Mallman is going around asking each band member to name something that's important to remember, and then getting down on one knee and singing a chorus to them about it. "Remember, remember your wife." "Remember, remember kittens." "Remember, remember peace and love." "Remember, remember garbage day." This hook is pretty catchy, actually.

1:14 p.m.
The new lineup is plodding along, and Mallman is riffing on the "Blood Flow" theme again. "The night wasn't easy, I stumbled through it," he sings.

Photo by Erik Hess
Dustin O'Harver

Photo by Erik Hess
Dustin O'Harver

Photo by Erik Hess
Mallman grabs a refreshment

Photo by Erik Hess

Photo by Erik Hess

1:53 p.m. "Is anybody willing to take my place in marathon? Because I want to leave with these dudes. They're on their way to stardom." The current configuration has kept the same steady pace for almost an hour now while Mallman blips away on his smaller keyboard, which is strapped to his shoulder.

1:55 p.m. "Do you know why I sit on a pillow?" Mallman asks guitarist Dustin O'Harver.

"So your ass doesn't hurt?" Dustin says.

"No, no young one," Mallman says. "You know how when you go on a long car ride, and you sit on a pillow? The pillow draws all the sleep out of your head, and pulls the sleep out of your bottom. So when you get out of the car, you're ass will be all fuzzy and asleep, but your head will be awake!"

2:04 p.m. Changeover time. Mallman meets his new staff, including a woman who calls herself "Jenny Case on the bass."

We have a new guest blogger filling in for the afternoon, local memoirist and blogger Erica Rivera. (Disclaimer: Erica is part of the Minneapolis street team for the band Pictures of Then, who happened to perform today during her live-blogging stint.) Thanks to Erica and Erik for helping me run this relay-race of Marathon coverage from start to finish!


Special guest blogger Erica Rivera

2:25 p.m.  The mood is mellow but the bass is thumping in the Turf Club this afternoon.  A lot of Twin Citians have sacrificed an 80-degree afternoon to join Mallman on his jouney. 

The current theme is "repeat" and the tunes are freakishly reminiscent of something I heard at Chuck E. Cheese as a child or at the culmination of a video game.

"The less sleep I get, the more my words mix," Mallman says.  "But I know what this is.  This is this...Let me tell you something my friends.  I'm sorry for what I've done." 

2:35 p.m.  "Do not start a keyboard war, whatever you do," Mallman warns keyboard player James Tyler O'Neill.  O'Neill obeys and sips his drink while Mallman pounds away.



2:46 p.m.  Erik Hess and I are bopping along to the beat in the back booth.  The "Blood Flow" title of this portion of the marathon seems especially apt right now.  The musicians onstage are a collective heart, pumping life into Mallman's mission.  It's a shame I can't boogie and blog at the same time, because this is sweet dancing music!

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