Neutral Uke Hotel and Communist Daughter collaborate

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MPLS.TV is officially on a tear. In addition to unleashing this week's videos of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. partying it up at Lee's Liquor Lounge and Gayngs and Glasser rehearsing for their tour at Justin Vernon's recording studio, the crew met up with Neutral Uke Hotel and Johnny and Molly of Communist Daughter to record next week's City of Music video.

Producer Dan Huiting gives us a little back story: "This is a touring band called Neutral Uke Hotel, who, as you may have gleaned by the name, play ukulele covers of Neutral Milk Hotel songs. They were joined by Johnny and Molly of Communist Daughter, who are named after a Neutral Milk Hotel song. The irony!"

"We rolled into Van Cleve park in Dinkytown and quickly spotted a train bridge that looked like a cool location," he continues. "We got set up and were about to roll, when a band playing in the park stymied our efforts. So we had to wait. Then the cicadas started to do their thing. It was getting late, and the Neutral Uke guys had to leave soon to soundcheck for that night's show. I was starting to worry that this video wouldn't happen. Finally, the band stopped, the cicadas died down, and we went for it. Patience is a virtue with location sound, for sure!"

Check out a few preview photos from their shoot by Dan Huiting, Ryan Thompson, and David Hannigan. And check back Monday for our new City of Music video featuring Neutral Uke Hotel and Communist Daughter.

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