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We had 108 local music scene peeps participate in this year's Picked to Click poll. Below, you can judge -- er, "peruse" the ballots of each and every one of our voters, along with descriptions of their contributions to the local scene.

For more on Picked to Click, check out this year's issue, along with the full list of bands who received votes in the 2010 poll.

Sara Abdelaal, Local band member (CLAPS on guilt ridden pop) former station manager of KUST, Coordinator of monthly dark music night; Parish.
1. Battle Napkin
2. Food Pyramid
3. Teddy and the Turks
4. Hyperslob
5. Buffalo Moon

Ed Ackerson, Commandante, Susstones
2. Fuck Knights
3. National Bird
4. Voytek
5. (tie) Pink Mink/Teenage Strangler/Reckless Ones/Pocket Genius

Rob van Alstyne, freelance local music journalist
1. Lazerbeak
2. Joey Ryan and the Inks
3. Laarks
4. Luke Redfield
5. Al Church & State

Ian Anderson, Afternoon Records, One For the Team
1. Dada Trash Collage
2. Estate
3. Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords
4. Night Moves
5. The Goondas

Bethany Barberg, Local Music Assistant - The Local Show, 89.3 The Current
1. Phantom Tails
2. Peter Wolf Crier
3. Joey Ryan and the Inks
4. Hildur Victoria
5. Communist Daughter

Jon Behm. Co-Editor, www.reviler.org
1. Brute Heart
2. Mike Swoop
3. Tender Meat
4. Mother of Fire
5. Velvet Davenport

Adam Bubolz, photographer (Reviler)
1. Mother of Fire
2. Velvet Davenport
3. Buffalo Moon
4. Bombay Sweets
5. Voytek

David Campbell, Minnesota Public Radio - 89.3 The Current, Host of The Local Show and Radio Free Current, and clerk at the Electric Fetus
1. Peter Wolf Crier
2. Joey Ryan and the Inks
3. Bight Club
4. Total Babe
5. Lazerbeak
And if it was a prefect world and I could do whatever I wanted...
6. IS/IS

Tim Campbell, Senior Editor, Arts & Entertainment, Star Tribune
Dada Trash Collage
Liminal Phase
Peter Wolf Crier
Velvet Davenport

Kermit Carter, Triple Rock Social Club, booking department - party instigator
The Chase Down
Sleeping in the Aviary
New Century Masters
Joey Ryan and the Inks

Drew Christopherson, Totally Gross National Product
Marijuana Deathsquads
Slapping Purses
Spyder Baby Raw Dog
Robust Worlds
Mother Of Fire

Max Clark, Unicorn Basement
1. Nightosaur
2. Cadette
3. Hyperslob and the Hot Babes
4. Jabberwhorl
5. Permanent Vacation

Cyn Collins, Author of West Bank Boogie, KFAI "Spin With Cyn" radio show host/programmer, freelance and 501 Club booking agent, music journalist (TC Daily Planet), Life of Cyn blog
1) The Goondas
2) The Sex Rays
3) Phantom Tails
4) Red Daughters/Hastings 3000 (tie)
5) Satellite Voices

Brian Corner, Publicity Support, Cedar Cultural Center
1. Oriel
2. inBOIL
4. the Wapsipinicon
5. Phantom Tails

Mike Davis, Burlesque of North America

Martin Devaney, umm....musician?
Satellite Voices
Pink Mink
Ten Centuries
Farewell Milwaukee

David de Young, founder, HowWasTheShow.com
The Goondas
The Wapsipinicon

Will Dixon, active member of Anti-civ records
1) Sorry OK
2) Alas Alas
3) The Drug Budget
4) Bouncer Fighter
5) Cadette

Ben Durrant, musician and engineer - Crazy Beast Studio
Communist Daughter
The Book of Right On

Ali Elabbady AKA Egypto Knuckles, Producer/CEO; Background Noise Crew, Freelance Writer for Potholes In My Blog, The Mad Bloggers, and Reviler
1. St. Paul Slim
2. Peter Wolf Crier
4.  Ecid
5.  T.Q.D

Andrew Flanagan, Gimme Noise, Daily Swarm, MTV.com
1. Gayngs
2. Phantom Tails
3. Chelsea Boys
4. Tender Meat
5. Marijuana Deathsquads

Rainer Fronz, Learning Curve Records
Dirty Hits
Rat Catcher
Jet Legs
(band named?) Something with a hook, edgy and dirty. Please.

Jay Gabler, Arts Editor, Twin Cities Daily Planet
1. Gayngs
2. Bight Club
3. Pink Mink
4. BadNraD
5. Waxx Maxx

Jeff Gage, Writer, City Pages
1 -- The Goondas
2 -- Hildur Victoria
3 -- Pink Mink
4 -- Communist Daughter
5 -- Phantom Tails

Nate Gangelhoff, author and musician
1. Liarbirds
2. Voytek
3. The Turkeltons
4. The Band in Room #28 at City Sound on Glenwood
5. The guy who yells about repenting and hell on 9th and Nicollet

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