The Peter O'Tooles pick up where the Dirty Curls left off

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Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen
For those keeping score at home, one of the Cities' raunchiest "dirtybilly" bands, Courtney McLean and the Dirty Curls, disbanded toward the end of the summer and have since re-emerged as the Peter O'Tooles, a collaboration between local writers Max "Bunny" Sparber and Courtney "Coco" Mault (who you may recognize from our Dressing Room blog).

Though they bill themselves as "Celtic punk rock," their first music video is more like a sparsely arranged, molasses-slow club banger, and it's oddly catchy.

mp3: The Peter O'Tooles, "I Want to Live in Hotels"

As with Sparber and Mault's previous work in the Dirty Curls, the group is almost entirely a product of the internet -- they excel at self-promotion, and already had professional photos and easily spreadable mp3s and videos available for consumption within weeks of forming. Their intense and persistent desire to make a name for themselves on the local scene is an interesting counterbalance to their still-incubating musicianship, as the band is a prime example of the "no experience required" ethos of the internet.

The Peter O'Tooles will enter the real world on October 15 with a show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl dubbed "This Is The Peter O'Tooles: A Feckin' Adults-Only Variety Show," and they've got quite a fascinating program scheduled:

The O'Tooles will present original songs, stories, and a short movie or two, along with a naughty drinking game and filthy Irish lessons. Additionally, the O'Tooles will present original limericks by local celebrities, including WCCO anchor Don Shelby, former FOX9 anchor and Lieutenant Governor candidate Robyne Robinson, and Star Tribune columnist and humorist James Lileks.

The evening will feature two guest performers: Irish-American folk musicians The Langer's Ball and drag artist Mrs. Smith.
The Bryant-Lake Bowl show is $10, but they'll knock $2 off for students, seniors, and anyone wearing a kilt. For more on the Peter O'Tooles, check out their website.

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