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Photos by Peter Michael Miller
The last couple weeks have sorta been like one weird vacation.  I haven't played a ton of shows, and I think I've found myself on the beach about three times.  I've been at a drug abuse awareness festival.  I saw all the sights in Washington, D.C.  I picked up the Bower birds from the airport.  I ate a pizza the size of my torso.

After Philadelphia I spent a couple of days in Delaware, which gave me an opportunity to say, "Imagine being able to be magically whisked away to Delaware.  Hi.  I'm in Delaware."  I hung out on the beach all day swimming and reading and spent the nights just looking at the ocean.

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I then drove to Washington, D.C. and if I had hair, I would have pulled it out of my head trying to park in that city.  I played at a joint called Asylum and met a super awesome dude from Columbus, Ohio who plays in a band called, Arlo And the Otter.  His songs are the kind that bypass your brain and go straight to the ol' blood pumper.

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The next day I biked around D.C. and saw a good deal of sights.

dc sights.jpg
And oh boy pizza in D.C. is huge!

dc pizza.jpg
The next show was in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  Little did I know the day was going to be my tour equivalent of some kind of wild and whacky family vacation movie.  I show up to the venue, The Edge and ask where I should load in.

big stone gap the edge.jpg
I notice that it's a religious joint that focuses on getting people off drugs.  I then found that the show was actually going to be a drug abuse awareness festival.  This is all fine and dandy, but a bit different than I was expecting.  I walked around town, which didn't take too long.  It was a pretty nice town, except for the garbage cans with a bunch of human hair in them.  Weird.

big stone gap hair.jpg
After a bit of walking around I had a couple hot dogs and hit the stage.

big stone gap stage.jpg
During my set I noticed a few police officers approaching with their K-9 partner in law enforcement.  One of the officers began suiting up in a this huge padded suit.  And then, yes, after my set there was a k-9 attack dog demonstration.  The gentleman who was hosting the event said something to the effect of, "Now, ya'll who're thinkin' a relapsin' think about what's about to happin'...you could be facin' them dogs....get em' boy!"  And the dog attacked the cop in the suit.  It was incredible.

big stone gap k-9.jpg
I then headed to my merch table that I shared with a sweet woman named Lorretta.  She had a bunch of pamphlets about mental illness.  We talked about our families.  She bought one of my T-shirts.  Thanks Lorretta!

big stone gap loretta.jpg
After that I made the drive to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet up with my friend Dan.  We played football together in middle school and went to the same high school.  He plays in a band called the Bowerbirds.  They are incredible.

Raleigh, Yan.jpg
They were just flying in from a festival they played in Texas.  They didn't have a ride worked out yet so I offered to pick them up.  I pulled into the terminal and squished Phil and Beth onto my bunk and Dan sat up front.  It was a strange experience....stuffing one of my favorite bands onto my stinky bunk.

I had a couple of shows in the area.  I played both of them with an incredible band called OLD BRICKS.

Raleigh, old bricks.jpg
The shows were really fun.  Raleigh is the sort of town where great musicians live and everyone seems to really support each other.  I kinda came face to face with how cynical I can be about music...mine and other people's...and...it's cheesy, but those shows kinda made me believe in music again.

I had a couple of days off and Dan had to house sit for one of the dudes in Megafaun.  We hung around with his dogs and Phil and Beth's dogs and just took it easy.  One of the dogs, Fletch, peed on my sleeping bag and ran away.  What a jerk.

durham, doggies.jpg
My slide projector went goofy at one of my shows. I finally had some time to fix it.  Turns out it was just a little switch that did not mandate that I take the damn thing apart.

Durham, slide projector.jpg
I even got to watch a Bowerbirds practice, which was great, especially because last time they were in town I came to the show a day early in some sort of fever delirium.

Durham, bowerbirds.jpg
It was nice to see an old friend and meet some new folks in bands that I really admire.  And it was strange being in Virginia, but I met some incredibly sweet people and ended up having a great time.

More travel stories to come,


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