Soul Asylum's 1995 Rolling Stone cover, WTF

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RS Nov9 soulasylum 250.jpg
Yeah, this is old news (about 15 years old, to be exact), but something caught our eye when we were browsing our sister paper Houston Press's list of Rolling Stone's 25 Worst Cover Misfires.

The whole list is pretty gruesome, but we couldn't help but wonder -- just what were the editors going for with this Soul Asylum cover from June 1995?

Let's see, we'll just Photoshop all of their heads together, melt all their necks into one grayish palette of zombie skin, and add a button. Perfect!

The small jpeg doesn't quite do it justice, let me blow it up for you:

RS Nov9 soulasylum.jpg

If only we could have been in the room when the art directors were hashing this one out.

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