Grant Cutler's ambient 2012 project: A ridiculous interview

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Today, tipped off by Radio K, our early morning was brightened (after a fashion) by a new project from Grant Cutler called 2012, from which he had recently posted two ambient meanders due for a vinyl pressing by St. Paul's extra-weird label Innova and which he will be performing this evening at the Turf Club.

So intrigued were we that an interview was hastily conducted, via text message, over the morning and lunch time, concerning all things kitty, ambient, and lunchtime.

So between the ambient crawl here and the moodtastic Gorgeous Lords you've slowed your roll quite a bit since Lookbook. Which came first, the banger or the heartbreaker?

I've always loved both sides but probably the heartbreaker.  I think I've always been into drama and romance.

Grant is a healthy eater
When did you start working on the ambient music? I'm guessing you have a lot of it, so what makes the cut? How do you determine when a song is 'done'?

I actually recorded the record that is coming out in 2008 before lookbook even had a show.  I do make a lot of it. I usually record a piece and let it sit for a while. If I'm excited about it a week later I try to use it for something.  I incorporate noise and ambient stuff into almost all the music I write.

Writers aren't healthy eaters
A lot of drone/ambient music plumbs similar emotional terrain, what you could call a warm loneliness (gah! Vampy Weekend just started playing somewhere in my computer, that was confusing). Is that fair? And where does the 2012 stuff take you?

I guess the music is supposed to put you in a meditative state or something?  It's not supposed to feel lonely really, more contemplative? Third eye kinda shit.

Broadcasting live from ugh
So how did Innova get hip? Who are they?

They are a non-profit label that mostly puts out weird jazz and noise music.  Really great label.  My friend Joe Johnson was working with one of the label dudes on his own record and he showed him 2012.  We had a dinner date and now they are pressing 2012 vinyl.  Chris Campbell is the Innova guy. His music is great and super weird!

Where third eye shit goes down
So you're at what, four bands in 2010? Lords, 2012, Lookbook, and one I'm blanking on that I may have made up. 2011: expand or downsize?

So yeah 4 bands. The last one was just me solo doing electronic stuff.  I think it was billed as Grant's Gay Jams. In 2011?  I'm going to try to work with different people and produce as much as I can and play some upbeat shit for a change!

Grant will be performing 2012 tonight at the Turf Club, doors are at 9PM, $5. Also performing: Jacob Grun, Food Team, and DJ Teen Lasagna.

You can find out more information on Innova at their website, and Grant Cutler's myriad offerings at his.

Great idea

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